I'm Davey Vermeeren

I’m an AI Programmer from the Netherlands, and I have been programming since 2018. I have done work as both a Gameplay and AI programmer in several projects, and I hope to continue growing as one, especially in the field of Game AI.

Current Project

Unannounced Detective Game

Netherlands - Remote

Gameplay Programming

7 March 2024 - Now

In December of 2023 I got together with fellow Alumni of Breda University for a Game Jam, where we worked on a project and decided we wanted to continue working on it. While it took a while for us to fully get started, I and the few other members have been working on an unannounced detective game, where I am in charge of all the technical aspects

Proffesional Experiences

KeokeN Interactive

KeokeN Interactive creates story rich gaming experiences, having released two of them and working on even more, always trying to push themselves to become better and better.

Hoofddorp, Netherlands

18 Weeks - Programming Internship

6 February 2023 - 16 June 2023

During my time at KeokeN Interactive, I worked on two unannounced projects, working on rapid prototyping, gameplay programming, combat gameplay programming and AI enemy behavior for Project 1 and conducting technical research and prototyping for Project 2.
Here I gained further experience in Unreal Engine 5 and continued to improve my communication and teamwork skills.

Infinity Interactive

Infinity Labs creates VR applications for clients around the world and is working on their original IP in VR under the name Infinity Interactive.

Breda, Netherlands

22 Weeks - Programming Internship

5 September 2022 - 3 February 2023

During my time at Infinity Interactive, I worked on an undisclosed VR Project as both an AI and Gameplay programmer. Gaining experience with Unreal Engine 5, Virtual Reality and improving my teamwork and communication skills.


Creative Media and Game Technologies

September 2019 - July 2023

For 4 years I have studied Game Programming at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Starting out learning about C++ and later Unreal Engine and slowly specializing in AI programming and gaining experience in both Gameplay and Engine programming over the course of multiple projects.


Programming Languages

C++ 11-20

2018-Present | 10+ Projects

My main programming langauge which I have used in a variety of projects ranging from Raytracer to Custom Engines

Lua Scripting

2020 | 1 Project

Mainly used during a custom engine project which exposed C++ classes to Lua, allowing for a game to be created solely in scripts written in Lua.


2018 | 1 Project

My first programming language which taught me the basics of programming and was used to create a variety of small applications using JavaEditor

Tech Skills

Visual Studio 2019-2022

2019-Present| 10+ Projects

Unreal Engine 4.24-5.3

2020-Present | 6 Projects


2021-Present | 4 Projects


2019-Present | 12 Projects


2022-2023 | 1 Project